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Look more confident and boost your self-esteem while releaving all your back pains and aches with this discreet unisex back corrector. Made from premuium quality with adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit.

Back posture corrector

£34.99 Regular Price
£29.99Sale Price
  • Healthier back - Enjoy life with a healthier posture supporting alignment of the back, neck, and shoulder during your activities.


    Improved posture - Boost your apperance with a straighter posture making you feel more confident, taller and healthier. Enjoy a wonderful life with a better posture.


    Unnoticable - Invisible under clothing giving you a more discreet and natural look.


    Adjustable - Adjustable & easy to use: Start wearing it for 20 minutes to 1 hour per day for two weeks and gradually increase & feel the difference.


    Premium quality - Our posture corrector incorporates keel still bar for added support and is made of high-quality fabric, which is lightweight but strong, soft, breathable, and washable material.

  • FREE 7-day return policy for all unused products, with money back garanteed. 

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